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Best Online Casinos

Top rated online casinos are so plenty today that many players feel lost and overwhelmed with the abundance they face. Literally every month, a new platform appears, new games are released, and competition constantly grows. While nothing can be better for a high quality product than healthy competition, this also means that low quality and fraudulent sites can sneak in, and try to get their piece of the pie. This is the reason why NationCasinos researches carefully all sites, and offers only the best ones in their lists.

How to Choose Trusted Online Casino

Best Online Casinos


Choosing a reliable and entertaining best casino online may seem easy peasy, but it’s not – unless you are a true casino expert and a seasoned gambler. In any case, even very experienced gamblers always take time to explore and check casino sites, to make sure the sites are reliable and secure.

If you would like to know more about how to choose online casino platforms, there are two ways for you. The first way is to read some reliable and objective online casino reviews by reliable reviewers. Unbiased, high quality online casino review usually explains in detail all the nuances about every particular online casino, and help the reader to make informed choices about their gambling.

The second option is to learn what aspects are important for a secure online casino, and be aware what a high quality casino looks like. For this purpose, check out the list of aspects offered below.


License is crucial of any web casino, because it shows whether it is legitimate in the first place, and whether it has the right to offer its services in different jurisdictions, including yours. Licenses can be easier or harder to get, but checking the license is very important. Always avoid casinos that do not provide clear info on their licensing.

Security and Safety

There are two main sides of safety and security – safety of your finance, and security of your sensitive data. The safety of finance includes fairness of the platform itself, and the payment processing companies that collaborate with it. The security of users’ data is all about encryption and protection of personal information.

Payment Options

Payment options indicate how fast, secure, and reliable will be your deposit and withdrawal with this casino. The more options are offered for your jurisdiction, the better. You should be able to choose at least two available options, and make sure you are not limited for the slowest methods possible.


Bonuses are the most favourite part of online gambling for most players at web casinos. Bonuses are offered to both new and already depositing customers, and can take plenty of forms. Explore the Promotions page to see what bonuses the site offers, and learn how to claim one of them if you’d like to get any. Bonus rules can be complicated, to pay attention.

Welcome and Sign Up Bonuses

Those are two types of bonuses offered to new customers who register an account for the first time with the platform. Sign Up bonuses are given as a reward for simply signing up, and there is no need to make a deposit. Welcome Bonuses are usually connected to deposits made by the player.

No Deposit and Free Spins Bonuses

No Deposit bonuses are usually free cash given to the player as a reward for some activity on the site. The activity eligible for the bonus may be signing up, earning comp points, or playing particular games, depending on the rules. Free Spins are a form of no deposit bonuses, but they can only be used for spinning slots games.

Other Bonuses

Modern web casinos are very innovative in their approach to different promotions. You have a chance to get Cashback, Reload, Birthday Bonuses, or even valuable prizes and VIP party invitations. There are weekday and weekend bonuses, too. So read info about them attentively and see if you can get any of them.


Games are the key aspect of casino entertainment because if the games are poor, no bonuses or suitable payment options will keep you, the player, on the platform. There are plenty of games types and categories, by different software making studios. Don’t be shy to explore them, and choose the ones you enjoy playing with most of all.

Online Slots

Online slots are like classic slot machines, but modern video slots are more beautiful, more entertaining, and better paying! Thousands of punters live slot games, and online casino software providers make new slots every month. If you are new to web gambling, better start your journey from slots.


This is a classic table game that was played in casinos already in the previous centuries. Roulette is easy to learn and fun to play, and since this is a game of chance, you do not need any particular skills to master it real quick. Roulettes can be different, so give it a try with several types to find your favorite!


Blackjack is one of those classic card games, and it is also a game of skill, that has been popular since the dawn of classic casino houses. If you would like to win more with the help of your own skills and experience, make Blackjack your preferred game, and enjoy real money betting with huge success!


If you love cards, but want an easy game that is simple to learn, choose Baccarat among all other card games. This is an old and classic table game that has a long history. However, it is not complicated at all, and even newbie gamblers will need just a little practice to master it and take their real money bets to a new level.


Can casino games be rigged?

In theory, every software can turn out rigged. However, in practice, casino games are not made by casinos, they are developed by specialized software companies who then sell the games to casinos. To have the right to sell their software products, these companies have to get certifications that the games are high quality and fair. So, rigged games have no chance to get on a serious and reputable casino site. 

Is it really possible to win cash at an online casino?

Yes, you can really win cash at an online casino. If you manage to choose a safe and reliable online casino, all you will need is a well-paying game and some luck for a win. Pay attention to meet all the requirements put by the platform, and you will be able to win and withdraw real cash. 

Can I play casino online games for free?

Yes, you can! You can get access to casino games free of charge in the so-called Demo mode. Demo mode exists at the majority of casino sites, and allows the visitors to play games without depositing any money. This is done to show potential customers the quality of software.

What casino games pay more? 

Generally, games of skill can bring you bigger wins than games of chance. In other words, if you are a skilled poker player, you are likely to win more in poker than in slots. However, if we are talking about games of chance, the games with higher RTP rate at the best paying online casino usually pay more.  

Are online casinos safe?

That depends. If the site is legal, licensed, and certified by independent third parties, plus, if it protects players’ sensitive data, it can be considered safe.